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You're starting a business, buying or selling a home, need assistance drafting a will or preparing any kind of legal document. These are just a few situations where sitting down with a reputable attorney first can mean the difference between success and failure. Let the Law Office of Douglas J Sameshima help tip the scales of justice in your favor!

Our business is your business

The Law Office of Douglas J Sameshima is a general law practice with particular focus on business law, real estate law, mediation and arbitration. With over 20 years' experience under our belt, you can rest assured that your business will start off on the right foot, whether you're a work-at-home solopreneur or a corporation with a staff of hundreds. 
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LLC, C Corp, S Corp or DBA? Confused? Call today!

Competence, confidence, compassion

Enlisting the services of an attorney is a big decision. Obviously there's a lot at stake, or we wouldn't be having this conversation. You want to be 100% certain that the lawyer you choose to represent you has not only the experience to handle your case, but the professionalism to do so with discretion and diplomacy. The Law Office of Douglas J Sameshima has a proven track record for doing all that and more. If you're embroiled in a dispute you can't resolve, or just want to get all your ducks in a row before buying a piece of property, we are the firm to trust.

Let us opine before you sign

Before you put your 'John Hancock' on that real estate deed, business partnership agreement, or any other legal document, let the Law Office of Douglas J Sameshima make sure that your rights are protected. Make an appointment with our legal team by calling the number listed below, or by visiting our office at 18 Central Avenue in Wailuku. We've been helping residents of Maui, HI with matters of business law, mediation, arbitration, real estate law and legal document preparation for over 20 years. We look forward to working with you!  
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